Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caleb keeps asking me to put on my white dress in the pictures from our wedding photos, so he can save me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Allstar baseball

Ridge had a great season. We traveled to Evanston, WY and Bear Lake, ID. So proud of him! Brock also traveled with the team as their bat boy. It was a little weird this year though. Shane was able to travel with us. I had to teach him how to loosen up and have a good time. Luckily for him, I'm a good teacher.

Bear Lake Brawl 2009

I finally made it to Bear Lake not for reasons of leisure but for reasons of insanity. I took granny, Brock, Caleb, and Coop camping at the Rendezvous campground in Utah. The water is beautiful, shallow, and warm. The boys stayed at the beach and caught frogs and tiny catfish. We had cottontails, squirrels, and snakes in our campsite. OK, that sounds like leisure. It was the Bear Lake Brawl that turned this leisurely little trip into insanity. When Megs mention a triathlon this summer, I thought I would just go watch her. Little did I know she was sucking me in to her twist version of fun. Swimming, fun, biking, fun, running, sucks. I can't believe some knucklehead put all three together thinking it would be a rip roaring good time. The Brawl is a little race made up of an 800m swim, a 12 mile bike, and a 5k run. I'm excited to say, I finished. It was in the end a great experience. It was amazing to be around so many great athletes and their positive energy. It was also a great experience camping with the family. We camped in the path of the race. It was awesome to see my little ones looking up at me and cheering me on. I thought for sure they were going to chase after me but luckily it was hot enough they were happy to stay put. I am already planning to shave 30 minutes off my time for next year. What is wrong with me?

Friday, August 21, 2009

a huge blonde moment

I never cease to amaze myself! At a baseball tourney this summer Caleb had to make a pit stop. I asked him 1 or 2. He said 1 so I elected Brock to take him the rest room. Brock comes back and said Caleb did more in the potty than he was willing to deal with do so I head to the potties. Of course Brock had Caleb in the men's room. As brave as I could opening the men's door I shouted "I'm comin' in." the only reply was from Caleb, "I pooped". I went in and quickly finished our business and out the door we go. Luckily at that time, no one came in. A little while later, I myself had to powder my nose, so off I head to the bathrooms. I mindlessly went into overdrive and headed to the last pooper I visited. I walk through the door and there is a man standing there peeing. Oh ship! holy crap! I just walked into the men's room. I kept my cool, said my apologies and left him about his work. He said, "no problem," I turn around and head for the girls room like it did that kind of thing all the time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I need a tutor

So, I was riding a train with my boys. Brock was rummaging through my bag and finds my wallet. He looked through it briefly and put it away. He looks at me a few miles later and asks me if he can ask a question. "Of course", was my reply. "Did you fail sex?" I just about fell off the seat. Of course a million thoughts go racing through my head. "what?, where did you hear that?" Then I realized what just happened. I started laughing and said, "were you looking at my drivers licence?" He said, "yes". Holding back the laughter, I told him, it wasn't a grade I received, it was my gender. I then had tears jumping from my eyes and just about pee'd my pants because I was laughing so hard. Boys make everything an adventure.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

who wants to wash my cat?

we just came back from swimming, so I was giving the little boys a little naked time in the backyard. Cooper was calling for me and pointing at something. I walked over to the bridge where he was beckoning me. While I was strolling over to him I watched him sit on our cat. By the time I figured out what was happening, it was too late. When I got to Cooper I had realized why he wanted me. He had pooped on the first step. The cat just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I went back for a wipe, just in case the cat wasn't enough. As I was cleaning his bum, I found a hairy crack. Now Cooper has a clean crack and I have a clean cat.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

who needs a movie?

4/5 members of my mantourage and I went to IF Saturday to spend the day with granny. We went to the Saturday matinee at the Paramount. Luckily we were the bulk of the crowd. There were, no kidding, about 10 people in the whole theatre. It's a good thing we were over half the audience, Cooper was in rare form. I know better than to take Coop into public places, why, why do I do these things? Humm, where to sit so we don't bug anyone. Oh ya, it didn't matter, we were the crowd. We finally get settled in and strategically place everyone where touching and sharing would matter the least. (not easy btw) Just as we settle the movie starts and Cooper sits down. Sat for the first 5 minutes. After his brief encounter with the well mannered side he slowly starts to meander. He works his way down the isle with the random sampling of drinks, then came back through for popcorn, and finished with one last lap for candy. On his way back to home base, he stops at Caleb. I think it was a because Caleb was the only one who was reluctant to hand over the goods. Coop tried to get Caleb's drink but K was to fast. K put his hand over his straw. It didn't stop Coop, he just bit him, grabbed the straw back and started chugging. What do you do? Who do you defend in this situation? Either way someone would end up crying. I did what any good movie watching mother would do, I popped a few milk duds in my mouth , sat back and just let it slide. There was enough drama on the big screen. They both learned a valuable lesson. Share or bite. Bite and get hit;).
This random sampling took up about 30 minutes of movie time. We still had 1 hour left. It was going to be smooth sailing. Just sit back and enjoy what was left of the movie with all 4 of the other people there. Out of the 4 people that wasn't us, one person just happened to be sitting in front of us. And of course she was by herself and of course Cooper was sitting right behind her. I knew she was trouble from the first time I laughed. I laughed out loud and she gave me the half profile turn glare. What? Really? I just shook it off. I've had worse looks than that for laughing in public. A few minutes later, another laugh from me. This time she turned and gave me the 3/4 turn and stare. Really? What? come on! She obviously had her panties in a wod. I'm no teenage usher but I'm sure it is clearly stated that it's OK to laugh at something that's funny in a movie theater. It's a little thing the writer's occasionally put into the script called "humor". It wasn't even the pee your pants kind of laughing it was a little snicker. At this point I was so glad Cooper was strategically placed away from the rest of my pose'. He started dancing to the music and got a pretty nasty glare from old tighty whitey. More music lead to more dancing. Old tighty couldn't take it, she got up and moved. The funny thing is, she could have moved anywhere, but choose to move one seat forward? whatever. I had bigger issues, Cooper issues. He started to race up and down the isles, luckily Caleb had to poop so we went to the bathroom. I was hoping he was constipated and it would take for ever. I swear that was the fastest he had ever taken care of business. I didn't waste enough time so we went back in to finish out the show. Man that was a workout. I love going to the movies, just not with Coop. Next time I'm only going to show up with 3/5 of my mantourage. Or, maybe I should go 5/5 and hope to cross paths with old tighty again.